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Imbolc /Lights (cont)Crocusses

Now, not everybody wants to engage in full scale ritual to mark a celebration like ours.   But there are several smaller-scale things you can do to meet Imbolc/Lights in your own life.  You could perform a cleansing on your home, by smudging every room (this could be incorporated with Graham’s suggestions for inviting light into your house, which follow). 

Remember that every act can be transformed into a magickal one by being underpinned with your intent.  Get yourself a sage smudge stick, and then, starting with the highest room in your house, and the most easterly, with your smudge stick lit and smoking, pass it in a circle in each room with the intent of cleansing that room of any negative energy – you can say this out loud if you like. Go next to the southernmost room of your house and so on until you have worked your way back to the east again.  Then go downstairs, and repeat the process.

By employing your intent, you can welcome in the new energies by turning out a cupboard or drawer, or cleaning the fridge – helpful activities anyhow, but when done with an intent to welcome in cleansing energies, even more effective.

Or you could plan a cleansing bath, during which you can “lose” unhelpful habits or old and negative memories. Get yourself some cleansing essential oils – lavender, basil, peppermint, juniper are all good choices. You’ll also need a few white candles. Now, run yourself a bath, knowing that it will cleanse you of sadness, bad habits, and negativity. Add several drops of your essential oil, light your candles and settle in for a fragrant and refreshing consideration of the things you want to “lose”.  When you’re ready, hop out and wrap yourself in a fluffy bath towel, and then run away your bathwater, and watch your “impurities” gurgle off down the drain.  Give the bath a good rinse, extinguish your candles, feeling fresh, clean and ready for the year.

Jan Shepherd  [more]

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