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The Blockbuster Tarot Spread Sample 5

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This is a 37-card reading, which firstly locates blockages and then aims to bust them!

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Now for the reading sample, cut down for privacy's sake and displaying approximately half of the actual reading:

The essence of the matter: Queen of Wands, Lovers, Knight of Wands

Well now – this is fairly obvious isn’t it?   The blockage you wish to tackle here is the difficulty you have experienced in going through the process of finding a way to maintain and progress the most serious relationship in your life.

I think underpinning this are some important earlier experiences which have both informed and punished you in some ways as you have passed through your life.   You have always – for as long as you can remember – held dear the idea of having somebody special with whom to spend your life……

Things which remain hidden or concealed about the matter:  Queen of Cups, 5 of Cups, The Devil

Oh-oh…we have a bit of a problem lurking here. ..

…You think of yourself only too often as quite weak, and in need of protection.   There’s one part of you that finds it very easy to simply fall apart and sit back praying for rescue… 

…So – we need to go looking for its source.  I feel quite sure this is not “yours”.   I am much more convinced that the cycle was set up in you when you were very young, and now you find it terribly difficult to switch it back off again.  The initiator of this cycle need not now be even particularly close to you – because in the end it is your acceptance of, and incorporation of the ideas and beliefs they held into your own psyche that is doing the damage.

Obstacles:  Fortune, 10 of Cups, Prince of Wands

Interesting that, largely, the cards you draw to indicate obstacles are so very positive isn’t it? ….  

….We really need to find a way of bringing your worries under control, and within your direction.   Right now they are maybe compounding the difficulties you experience.

In order to create the future you need for yourself – and deserve – we need to find a way to help you begin to dream again.  We need you to be able to visualise the type of life and environment which is going to complete you, and allow you to be deeply happy and fulfilled.


The heart:  9 of Wands, Art, 2 of Disk

I do wonder whether you have any idea at all about the rarity of the type of love you feel.  When you are able to feel centred and stable within your relationship you bring an enormous amount of unconditional tenderness to a close relationship you know….

….And you have a remarkable wellspring of strength of spirit upon which you draw and lend with amazing generosity to those you love.  This is the kind of strength which offers unfailing support and tireless enthusiasm toward the aspirations of those you cherish – it’s honestly quite astounding in its power….

….You’re a gentle, yet strong woman.   Time to tackle this one – time to see yourself through the eyes of others for a little while.  They do not see what you see.


The head:   Princess of Wands, 7 of Cups, 7 of Swords

Oh so many bad habits stored up here in your thought patterns.  This is where the majority of your work needs to be done I think.   Yet that princess of Wands confirms that you have the ability, the will and the strength to overthrow negative and harmful thinking within yourself.   In fact,  think you are more than ready to do this……

The spirit:   8 of Cups, 5 of Wands, 10 of Disks

And here we see the results of that somewhat relentless pressure you place yourself under.  Despite the fact that you have a very clearly defined ethical and spiritual network, you often find it very difficult to reach out for that in order to draw strength and support from it.

Your tendency to find it difficult to draw boundaries in everyday life pins you at that level (I cannot help but draw an analogy here with a beautiful butterfly being pinned to a display board).   Rather than being in a position where your spirit is free to fly, so that it can feed your soul, very often the gulf emerging here becomes an insurmountable chasm…..


External pressures:  Knight of Cups, 3 of Cups, 4 of Wands

Now when I look at this group of cards I wonder whether the actual pressure comes from outside – or whether in fact it is the expectations and fears that you place upon the relationship that are causing the pressure you feel…..

….However the greatest contribution you can make here is to follow your own desires and ambitions, and trust that he is there beside you in spirit.  The freedom your success can bring to both of you is going to be quite remarkable.


Old habits:   Ace of Wands, Knight of Swords, Prince of Disks

Effectual change comes quickest in a positive and willing atmosphere.  I think you have been conditioned to see yourself as somehow “wrong”.   Therefor when you identify something within yourself you want to change you tend to approach it as a “problem”.   Could we perhaps try to approach these things from a different perspective?....

If we start by saying that you are who you are now – a human becoming, as is everybody else – it might be possible to isolate one particular thing that you feel you would be happier changing.  Then perhaps we can focus on that one thing. …

Suddenly something that had been a problem begins to become an interesting exploration of your own sense of comfort – do you see that?

It is time to stop seeing yourself as a problem and begin seeing you as a developing, growing human, with valid needs and justified values, not to mention considerable talent and ability.

New thoughts:   Lust, 5 of Swords, The Emperor

I believe if you can put some effort into making that shift of approach to yourself, you will be much happier in your engagement with life.   Do not apply absolutes to yourself – remember – you are a being in process.  There will always be something within you that could do with improvement.  That’s the way people are.  This does not mean they are flawed – it means they are growing…..


Fears:   6 of Swords, Prince of Swords, The Hierophant

…..Learn to see yourself not only from within yourself, but also from the high ground.    Learn to look at you objectively   Learn to see yourself from outside.  And learn to love yourself from that position.


How to proceed:  4 of Disks, 10 of Wands, 9 of Cups, The Empress, 4 of Wands, 5 of Cups, 2 of Cups

Looking at this group, we have already covered much of the ground here.   It IS clear that you will be a great deal more happy when your domestic situation is resolved – and I am happy to tell you I think that will happen in the next four months – maybe sounds a long time, but is not when you consider how long you have already waited.

I believe you can move the blockages in your path by being gentle with and considerate of yourself.   You will be happy with your progress once you manage this….

…Refuse to be disappointed in yourself from now on in.  you do this far too often.  If you set a goal and it becomes difficult to attain that is merely because it is a demanding goal – not because there is something wrong with you.  Treat your successes with respect and due personal acknowledgement.

Loadsa love

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