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The Blockbuster Tarot Spread Sample 3

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This is a 37-card reading, which firstly locates blockages and then aims to bust them!

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Now for the reading sample, cut down for privacy's sake and displaying approximately half of the actual reading:

The essence of the matter:   Magician, Knight of Swords, 9 of Pentacles

Well now here’s a contradiction if ever I saw one.   Some years ago you energised your own innate magickal power to put yourself in a situation which promised liberty, autonomy and a life filled with greater happiness and fulfilment.   This came after a terribly trying period where you felt as though all these things had slipped away from you.  Your explorations of your own spirituality during that limiting period convinced you that you were able to create something better for yourself – and you did it.

Your efforts were successful beyond your dreams.   This brought about a massive shift of perspective for you, one which informed and shaped the next few years of your life.  Your spirituality became foremost in your thoughts, as you developed an appreciation and recognition of your own power.   This was a remarkable experience – one which changed your attitudes to self on many levels.  It was a massive triumph.

So – with something this positive…..how does it become a block that needs busting, we might well ask?   Well, I guess the problem lies primarily in the lack of re-assessment as time went on.  It is almost as though, having achieved what you set out to achieve all those years ago, you feel that it would be almost unfaithful to re-assess.

However….triumph has turned into a treadmill here.   No longer do you feel the massive surge of energy welling up within when you triumph. ….

Things which remain hidden or concealed about the matter: 
7 Disks, Wheel, Strength

The first matter that arises here is very interesting – it tells us that everything you are currently relying on to provide that stable material basis is a shrinking asset……

 ..Another thing you are tending to lose sight of is just how massive was the change you effected in your life to get yourself into this position in the first place.  I guess time has dulled your memory….but it’s time to take the lid off the remember-box.  

You need to get yourself back in touch with the excitement, the joy, the sheer sense of self-determination that you felt when you made things fall into place last time.  And you need to realise that this power is still inside you. …

 ..You are, of course, considerably more experienced now.   Life and faith have re-oriented you.  And as you have grown into that, so your inner needs have changed….


Obstacles:  Knave of Wands 7 cups, Knight Pents

See here you are talking about the various demands placed on you at times and how they seem to eat away at your strength, so that you never have the time to let your soul sing.  You feel these demands gobble your passion before it has chance to arise within you….


The heart:  Queen of Swords, 5 cups, Seer

…You’re highly achieved in your working life.   Rich in friendship and love.   But there are some very sincere disappointments in this area too – areas in which you carry guilt like a burden.   You tend to be much more forgiving of others than ever you are of yourself.   And sometimes the open acceptance of some others of your mistakes causes you irritation and frustration – as though you feel it is very difficult to find somebody who will objectively assess your perceived failings.

Actually I think maybe you need to look to your own attitudes on this one a little more thoroughly….you’re something of a perfectionist in regards to Self, despite your generosity of spirit toward pretty much the rest of decent humanity.

 ….It’s time to see yourself through the lens of your Goddess rather than keep placing yourself in this unforgiving spotlight.


The spirit:  3 Wands, 2 Wands, Empress

You can see here the level of longing that exists, deep down.   Your Will is still in there, strong and feisty.   It’s just waiting to know where you want to point it now.

In many respects this grouping says to me that you have done your service to the “rest of the world”.  It’s time now to do your service to your  Self.   You have been waiting a very long time for this if you think about it…..

 ….During this time your faith took some very hard knocks I think.  Still, as enduring as faith is, it remains.  It is time now to do what you need to do to begin the process of restoring it.   I am quite sure you will make sense of the journey you have taken in the meantime.

External pressures:  5 Swords, 10 Cups, 6 Pents

This is interesting isn’t it – not actually quite as many pressures as it might at first appear.   The 5 is odd – it tends to suggest that in some respects you see yourself locked in conflict with something in the environment (I wonder if this is a professional matter?) and you feel in part that were you to walk away you would have “lost”….. 

Old habits:  6 Cups, King Cups, 4 Pents

You are very very used to having to look after others you know – too used to it, perhaps.   And in fairness you derive enormous levels of fulfilment from doing this.   But there are times when it all becomes too much….  

 …Take a more critical look around yourself – and be willing to allow yourself to think outside the box a little more.  There is a way to satisfy new needs whilst still assuaging old uncertainties.

New thoughts:  8 Wands, Knave Cups, 4 Swords

You have a deeply creative streak which has been ignored for quite a while now.   When you are able to engage this part of your being you find yourself released and relaxed, more easily enabled to get in touch with yourself and establish a clear dialogue about what you need deep down inside……

 …And yet some part of you stops yourself from engaging with this part of your personality.   I suspect in part this is because it tends to give rise to deep disquiet within you

…The disquiet itself arises because you become acutely aware of the things you wish you could do, and do not have the time nor apparent option to do right now.   Further, you also become aware of what causes you frustration and unhappiness in your current situation.

But truly – this will be like passing through the sound barrier – first there is the noise and difficulty – but when you reach the new threshold you move into a much more meditative and free-thinking area that loosens off new directions and desires,

Fears:  7 Wands, King Swords, 10 Swords

You’ll note how your fears spill forward into that final set of cards…..you need to remember what a powerful woman you are, and bear in mind that Will continues to work whether or not you are directing it in a direction you feel will benefit you….

How to proceed:  9 Swords,  2 Cups, 10 Swords,  9 Cups, 8 Wands, Knave Cups, Chariot

….You will need to challenge the fears those two Swords indicate – but generally I think these are much more concerns about what –might- be there rather than realities, so the faster they are challenged the better.

There is a deepening of important relationships here.    This is enormously nourishing for you.  I think it is important to note that you really do need support behind you to help you move forward here. 

 You really can find ways of making this whole thing work you know.   You just need to remember how to do it.

Loadsa love

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