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The Blockbuster Tarot Spread Sample 2

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This is a 37-card reading, which firstly locates blockages and then aims to bust them!

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Now for the reading sample, cut down for privacy's sake and displaying approximately half of the actual reading:

The essence of the matter: 5 of wands, VI Lovers, 3 of swords

This reading searches out areas that tend to cause blockages in our abilities to live our lives to the utmost.   One thing I noticed in the early round of tests is that no matter how focussed the querent tries to make the “blockage” area, the reading still appears to go rooting about looking for what it regards to be the “real” problem – or at the very least, the first thing that can be successfully tackled.  So if this reading goes off at an apparent tangent – that’s why.   It seems as though the reading is determined to offer the querent something tangible to work on, which will yield them a sense of solid achievement should they put its principles into effect.

 Now your fundamental problem, according to these cards, is an underlying and consistent conflict.   Some parts of your inner being are in ongoing arguments with other parts of yourself.   This can lead to dreadful self-doubt, residual guilt, an inability to acknowledge solid achievement  and a one-step forward two-step back process which can lead you to feel enormously unstable…….

 …..Certainly there is an ongoing fear of “losing out” somehow – that you will be deserted or put aside because you simply do not “match up”.


Things which remain hidden or concealed about the matter:  9 of swords, X Fortune, page of cups

 …..Inner beliefs are very fragile and delicate things in youngsters.   The way they tend to interpret the behaviour of adults around them generally escapes the notice of those adults.  Children operate on a much more open and acute set of sensations than do adults…..

 ….So a child’s beliefs can, in some cases, be shaped almost by accident….

 ….However once those seeds are sown for a child, they take as much digging up as particularly pernicious weeds.  Because they are fundamentally “imposed” beliefs – that is they are interpretations by the child of the behaviour of some external other – they can often be wholly at odds with the basic nature f the child. ….

 …The only way to try to make progress in breaking through such a stranglehold is to sit back and objectively study those beliefs which lead you to conflict.  This is a lengthy task – one which should only be undertaken in short bursts each day (but little and often always works better).  It is a good idea to journal your thoughts…..

Obstacles:  7 of wands,  8 of swords, knight of pents

 ….The growth of the Self is very much a process of Ebb and Flow.  You need to accept this as a fundamental truth within you – I do believe you are halfway there already, it’s just this early conditioning that puts you in conflict here.   The true you recognises that life is an alternation between DOING and BEING….however some of your early teachers did not recognise that – and have imbued you with some of their urgency and fear.

 …One thing though that you must come to recognise and own about yourself – you are immensely courageous.  You have been taught fear and doubt, but you determinedly put these aside on a regular basis.  The thing is – if you are able to work out where you got them from in the first place, you will probably realise they are not part of your fundamental truth, but something imposed from outside….and in that case you can forgive the person who inadvertently conveyed such thoughts to you – and lay down their faulty beliefs in favour of your own – can’t you?


The heart:  XVI the Tower, 4 of cups, XIII Death

Ooh dear…an imprisoned heart….I bet you find it desperately hard to draw truly close to people don’t you?   Now…..this is probably due to two things – you have been taught at an almost subliminal level that, no matter how well-meaning a person is and no matter how dearly they care for you, they will be untrustworthy in the end….. 

 …I suspect you have a fair bit of ground-clearing to do here – areas where love has become very blurred and confused – the receipt of your love by others, the expression of love toward you by others.   In the end you are going to have to let certain less helpful aspects go here.   There are some individuals in your life who will not change,  indeed cannot change…so in the end you have no other course of action available to you but to accept and move on.


The head:  page of wands, Ace of pents, 10 of swords

It is probable that far more goes on at the thought level with you than at the feeling level – but then feelings are quite threatening aren’t they?   Much easier to think a thing through that to relate to your feelings about it….

 ….Practise feeling THEN thinking about how you feel.    It can be very rewarding to do this.   It allows for a greater depth of realisation and perception than jumping directly to thinking things through.  It also gives your soul chance to speak with you…….


The spirit:  9 of pentacles, 4 of pents, 8 of pents

It is unusual to produce so many Disks on a position relating to spirit…from this we learn that above all you need to ground.   There’s an enormous amount to be gained by finding ways to earth yourself efficiently.   It will make it easier for you to “anchor” the subtle shifts you make within yourself – and it will probably also assist in calming your rationalisation.

 Another thing that I think you may gain over a period of working with some of these ideas is a greater sense of security within yourself.  This would be remarkably good for you in as much as it will make your ability to understand and empathise with self more extensive.

You have a remarkably strong spirit you know – and probably in later years a developing healing skill which will bring a great deal of comfort to others.   I think even now you feel yourself naturally drawn toward the healing arts, but then you tend to shy away quickly, because you feel unable to trust how your investment of energy would affect things.

As you gain some peace about yourself, I think you will find it becoming increasingly easier to feel that it is OK to simply go with your instincts.   I do believe you have an important “job” to do which relates in some way to healing.  Perhaps the whole point here is that you need to heal yourself first, in order that you can fully understand the hurts of others.


External pressures:  XX Judgement, 7 of swords, 2 of cups

Hmmm….in a way we are revisiting the things we talked about earlier here – so it becomes increasingly important to study yourself and your environment seeking out things that you may regard as negative influences and either challenging them – or moving away from them.

 Any overly critical or judgemental influence will damage you.   You are your own worst critic – but you can tackle that as we have already discussed.  However if you also find you have drawn to you critical influences, then it is time to consider what you might be able to do to either curb or remove these.   They will inhibit  your healing and hold you back into old patterns.

The sense that you are unable to make a significant difference to your world is a dangerous one, you know.  I think this pulls you back to childhood again – children are, by nature, far less free to make decisions affecting the nuts and bolts of their world than are adults.    When you find yourself feeling “unimportant” this causes a desperate sense of helplessness and sadness within you.  It is important to try to steer clear of situations and individuals who induce this effect in you…..

Old habits:  3 of cups, 5 of pents, 8 of cups

We see here how often you have felt as though you must “make others happy”.    You have spent quite a lot of your time trying to match up to irrelevant standards, to fit in with expected modes of behaviour, to please the people you care about…. 

 …..People do tend to overstep your boundaries regularly.   I doubt you have ever really worked on drawing out important boundaries for yourself, and then maintaining them properly.    But maybe now is a good time to start?

New thoughts:  2 of swords, ace of pents, 3 of pents

You know you are beginning to build up a reserve of inner strength here.  Over this last year or so you have made some really significant steps forward in setting yourself free from some of the restrictions you were formerly facing…...

 ....This has given rise to a new strength of spirit for you which now drives you forward.    You have a newfound sense of self now, and this is beginning to become a very powerful urge within you.  You want to bring yourself to a point of balance and self-appreciation.

Fears:  4 of swords, queen of pents, the emperor

Sometimes you do become afraid that the new ideas you have are groundless, and that those individuals from your past who seemed to judge you so harshly  were right in what they thought.

 I am quite sure that this is not the case.   And I think if you stick to your guns here you will see what I see – a bright, intelligent, quick-witted and hopeful person with a shining spirit……

 ….I have to say, though, that as you grow inside yourself, you are generous enough of spirit to be able to find a special type of forgiveness for mistakes made here.

How to proceed:  Queen of pents,  page of swords,
Ace of cups, 8 of swords, the empress, the queen of wands, 10 of cups

In many ways we have covered this section as we have worked our way through the spread I guess.   But here you are advised to be gentle and loving with yourself – forgiving and responsive to your own needs.  It is important that you are willing to take things steadily – each triumph growing out of and building upon the last.

It is probably worth trying to look more deeply into things that catch your interest.  There are things out there that will capture your imagination and grow to be exceedingly important for you.  Be willing to give each new idea the room to settle in before you move onward.

You need to be brave enough to love yourself, and to stand alone – you will not really be free until your own opinion of yourself is the most important of all.  Naturally trying to walk that path will be scary at times – but you have the strength to get you through.

 The Empress and the Queen of Wands both indicate a growing sense of self which brings with it new confidence and self-belief.  As you learn to rely primarily on yourself for your interpretation of the world I think you will find life becoming easier and more fulfilling.

And I believe you can fill up your life with the realisation of your dreams.

Loadsa love

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