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The Blockbuster Tarot Spread Sample 1

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This is a 37-card reading, which firstly locates blockages and then aims to bust them!

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Now for the reading sample, cut down for privacy's sake and displaying approximately half of the actual reading:


The essence of the matter: Princess Disks, 7 Cups, 4 Cups

That Princess of Disks is such a contradictory card that I am not in the slightest bit surprised she causes the level of confusion she does you know.   The thing is that she comes at life from two opposing perspectives, and then fights to combine the two warring aspects into some sort of real balance and structure which satisfies her conventional streak, but at the same time allows for her self-expression and quite powerful intuition……

……Now…..here lies your blockage – how do you reconcile these two aspects of self so that, in satisfying the one area you do not feel as though you are somehow “down-selling” the other?    Glancing over the reading I think maybe some of this is already effectively in place.   But you still seem troubled at times by a perceived imbalance of demands.

The 7 tells us that you tend to question often whether you are “doing the right thing”, tending to second-guess decisions once you have taken them, and perhaps worrying unnecessarily about things which have not happened.   You tend to see yourself as shouldering most of the responsibility in relationships (when this is not always the case at all) and you have a habit of feeling that it is up to you to “make things work”.

 The final aspect, noted by the 4, is something I feel you have been tackling recently, with some considerable success.  You sometimes underestimate the value others place on your love of them.   This, when allowed to take hold, can cause some pretty nasty problems of one sort and another, not least the knocks it will unavoidably deal to your self-esteem.   However as I said, I feel as though this particular issue has been in your sights for some little time now, and you are doing a good job of shifting your perspective here….

…Things which remain hidden or concealed about the matter:  Princess Wands, Prince Swords, 3 Wands

This group often reveals hidden or as yet unrealised potentials about the querent, and also those things they would prefer to keep to themselves ;-)   Oh-oh…..

You are on a systematic and long-term campaign to eradicate bad habits.   You seem to feel you have a great many of these.   One of your bad habits is that you tend to look to the top of the mountain far more often than you turn to look behind you – thus missing your own achievements along the way, thereby failing to give due credit to yourself.  You might like to make that the next bad habit you tackle…

 And you also have a “nasty” side that you like to keep under wraps.   This is, for want of a better explanation, your Shadow Self – and is just as much an integral part of your being as your Lighted Self.....

….In truth, light makes shadow.   We cast no shadow when no light is present.  And consequently the greater the light we can shine, the more profound will be our Shadow potential.  If we were not to stand in judgement on such matters, but rather, see all aspects of Self as a coherent and beneficial whole, our potential to the darkness would be contained and balanced.  You already know this to be true and yet still you have something of a problem applying it to self.

 And this last is very interesting….for all that, in many ways you are quite satisfied with life as it stands, there is still a nagging sense that you are still waiting for your ship to come in.  I suspect this may be mostly in the career area.   For all that you feel you have made good progress already, there are still some things that you really strongly want to achieve, and sometimes wonder whether you will be able to.

 I think this bit comes under the heading of unrealised potential though – there’s every indication you will continue to make progress in your chosen field – that you are nowhere near finished in crafting this area yet.  Keep an eye open over this next couple of years for quite unpredictable opportunities to expand your knowledge and areas of expertise.  I think there will be three significant chances, each of which should be taken up with alacrity.   You will not need to seek these out, neither would you necessarily have selected one of them for yourself – but it is worthwhile nevertheless.

Obstacles:  7 Wands, King Disks, 5 Swords…

…..I have a feeling this matter connects with what I was saying in the last paragraph of that preceding group.

I do think there will be a temptation to back off, feeling that your position is potentially under threat if you stand your ground – but this is a mistake.  The individual in your way can be persuaded to step aside and lay down his objection given the right set of circumstances.

The heart:  6 Wands, Hierophant, 2 Cups

This next three or four groups of cards are absolutely remarkable.   They are so aligned and positive that one wonders why we are doing a blockbuster reading for you ;-)   …..

The head:  4 Wands, 8 Disks, Prince Cups

From your perspective it is slowly dawning on you that a specific phase in your life is coming to an end.   I think this phase has been remarkably formative and hopeful.   But it has also at times been desperately painful and frightening.  I think this is big enough to be regarded as a life phase…..

…You are in for quite a learning curve here as you move forward into the next big stage of your life here.  Some of your attitudes will change sufficiently to surprise you, though I think by and large such changes will be satisfying and rewarding….

The spirit:  9 Cups, Ace Wands, Empress

Now this area of your being is intensely nourished right now.  Your life feeds your soul very efficiently these days, not just in dedicated acts, but also in the everyday round of life.   I think part of this comes again from the relocation – you find the land itself very nourishing and good for your spirit….

….In many respects I would say that your early wishes and dreams have been fulfilled.  However as you move into this new phase of life you will find yourself re-assessing how you see your future goals, redrawing the shape of your dreams.  This is a natural process – and will involve letting go of some things, only to replace them with others.  Do not let habit nor familiarity limit you here.  It’s OK to shift direction somewhat.

External pressures:  Art, Prince Wands, Emperor

This is interesting – you are not revealing negative pressures here – but you are identifying one or two matters that you would be happy to see resolved…..

 ….Perhaps it is now time to look for opportunities to express these more clearly in a manner that is going to provoke him into a rethink.

Old habits: 
Devil, Tower, Aeon

ROFL!!!!   Dear dear.   Now there’s a jumble of strong responses isn’t it?   Again though I feel that these thoughts belong to the phase now passing behind you.    The Devil points to the harm you can do to yourself when you lose perspective, or give in to undermining yourself…..

…..The Aeon positioned where it is now again points to the phase shift.  You have fought long and hard to get to this point in your experience…

New thoughts:  3 Cups, Star, Six Disks

This, as you can see, is a very different approach to life.   There’s an enormous amount of hopefulness and joy here – a sense that your life is worthy of celebration and pride.  I think the simple fact of the matter is that as time has gone on, you have come to recognise what you have actually already achieved….


You are opening yourself to great opportunity here – at all levels of life.  With the Star in the ascendant there you can ….fulfil a dream that you thought had slipped beyond your grasp – in one sense this is a purely financial goal, but it reflects completely on your overall and long-term stability – and in that context it is critically important.

Fears:  8 Swords, Adjustment, Ace Disks

Hee!  It had to be didn’t it…..you can see with that 8 just how much your fears have held you back in past times.   Fear is like light on water – it casts some very deep shadows – but whenever you try to look into those shadows they shift and move beyond your grasp.  More often than not that which we think we are afraid of is a product of our own imagination.   But it is dreadfully difficult to capture it in order to truly examine it…..

…..In so doing you will release a bundle of energy that has been caught up in the maintenance process.   When we are able to surrender to the richness of life’s experience we set ourselves free to simply be – and in that process we miss far less than ever we did before…..


How to proceed:   4 Swords,  Star, Death, Princess Wands, 10 Cups, Fool, Queen Cups

You need to complete this transitional process you have entered into.  You are maybe a third of the way through it so far, so there’s a fair bit of it still ahead.  But I think you have already begun to feel the benefits which are to be gained from this new perspective…… 

…Again the Star appears to underline and reinforce the idea of great opportunity flowing your way in times to come (I think that influence is going to be strong for about three or four years)….

…You find it easy to shed old habits, especially during this next six or seven months – utilise this influence well – it is not often we get the chance to lay old demons to rest under such a  beneficial flow of energy.  Keep up the work you have been doing on yourself – if you do you stand a good chance of bringing it to a point of logical conclusion during this timeframe.

 The home environment looks to improve dramatically over this period.  There’s immense contentment being derived from this area of life – it feels as though it is going from strength to strength here.   Important foundations are laid for the next ten or so years during the next year in this area…..

OK that’s it!!

Loadsa love


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